Here are a few articles from other sites that we find useful. They also explain a little about how we as a group feel about the paranormal. Just because we agree with a few articles from an author DOES NOT mean that we agree with EVERYTHING he or she says. It means we share similiar views on certain subjects, it does not mean that we abide by their every word.


* Dave Juliano- Never Trespass on Private Property

* Dave Juliano- Why Do Some Spirits Stay Earthbound?

* Anna Harrison- Different Types of Hauntings

* Jill Stefko-How to Debunk Paranormal Hoaxes

* Jason Sullivan Video On Psychics and Mediums

(note: We do not use psychics on our investigations! However, we do not doubt the existence of true mediums. We are scientifically based and would rather use scientific methods during our investigations in order to have solid evidence to present to those who are experiencing paranormal activity.)